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 The Live Oak Place
The plan for this ezpansive home usede the corner location of an irregularly shaped plot to create a beautifully curved carriage poach,with a roof made of two-centimeter thick,five meter-wide sections of  tempered glass. The entrance follows a gradual process from public to private spaces,from a salon for meeting guests,through a buffer zone to two living rooms that create a sence of intimacy for family and friends. The calm space of the second living room is an excellent place to gather around the central fireplace. Up several stairs is the first living room, a more lively atmosphere with the outdoor pool as a backdrop. 
The pool area has all the facilities−benches and parasols−of a tropical resort. While many luxury homes are closed off to the outside,this shows how an open approach can be dynamic and powerful.       TOTAL FLOOR AREA:245.11㎡
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